• Solid metal construction

  • Benchtop size

  • Polished stainless steel interior surface for maximum reflectance and corrosion resistance.

  • Light-tight door with heavy duty latch and hinges

  • Light bank consisting of cool white fluorescent in combination with UV-A fluorescent lamps

  • Samples can be placed anywhere in cabinet

  • Vented with mild fan-driven air circulation

  • Chemical actinometric measurement of light exposure

  • Fully validated and mapped (includes validation protocol and report)

  • IQ/OQ protocols and worksheets included

  • No calibrations needed (light meters, chart recorders or computer software)

 Is the MB87X fully ICH Q1B compliant?
Yes. The MB87X meets all the photostability requirements cited in Q1B for light sources and measurement of light exposure.

 Do I need to qualify the unit on a regular basis?
Because we use quinine actinometry for measurement of light exposure, there is no need for light meters or radiometers, thereby eliminating the need for meter recertification.

 What about validation?
The MB87X comes fully validated and mapped.

 What do I get when purchasing the MB87X?
The MB87X comes with the cabinet itself, Option 2 lamps (cool white plus UV-A), comprehensive validation report that includes protocol, report, lamp data such as spectral power distribution curves and IQ/OQ documents. In addition, a supply of quinine monohydrochloride dihydrate and suitable 1-cm screw-capped cuvettes is included.

 Why buy an MB87X?
There are several reasons such as ease of use, low/no maintenance, no calibrations of meters and availability of replacement bulbs from local sources.

 What are my cost-savings benefits?
Since photostability cabinets tend to be used intermittently rather than continuously, why pay a premium price ($35,000 or more) for a unit that will spend most of its time unused. Plus, with the MB87X, there is no need for expensive temperature/humidity controls or monitoring devices, nor is there ever a need to recalibrate or requalify the unit.

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